Fishing Fleet

Our Fleet

With our seasoned Captains and Crews, we have built a family of fisherman that have evolved to become efficient in sustainably capturing our targeted species up and down the California coast. Equipped with the latest refrigeration systems, fishing gear, and electronics our fleet delivers a consistent, high-quality product.

Fishing Vessel Southern Pacific
The Southern Pacific joined the fleet in the summer of 2019. This 65 foot aluminum Purse seiner has been a proven product through the years with a capacity of 65 tons.
Captain: Jeff Williams
Fishing Vessel Buena Ventura
The first member of the fleet, the Buena Ventura was purchased in the summer of 2015 and saw a complete retrofit. She has a capacity of 55 tons.
Captain: Beto Camacho
Fishing Vessel Southern Coast
Added to our Fleet in the Spring of 2020, the 68 foot aluminum Drum seiner has a capacity of 70 tons.
Captain: Corby Jackson
Fishing Vessel Triton
Owned and operated by Pete Ciaramitaro
Fishing Vessel Southern Lights
Added as an important member of the fleet in 2019, the 38 foot east coast lobster boat has found a niche attracting squid along the California coast.
Captain: Marty Wakefield